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s1dK interpolator
Hey guys,

Long time no post in here but... I was coming back from time to time especilly for the 3D Art Showcase & Critiques and Technical Talk threads, lots of good stuff in there!

Since last year, I started to model and texture some weapons and learn more about them and I think I have achieved what I had in mind. I had a lot of fun making these weapons and I hope you like them. Here is a showcase video with all of them and some renders below.

If you want to see more renders check out my artstation. https://www.artstation.com/massconfusion

Thank you!


  • algaib
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    algaib triangle
    Great work! These are professionally presented and the textures look really nice. If anything, I would remove the almost seizure-inducing strobe effect at 0:40 in the video :)
  • Firebert
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    Firebert polycounter lvl 12
    Quality modeling.  AO is a bit heavy for my personal taste and some the color and heavy roughness variation makes me feel less inclined to fire the weapon, and more inclined to clean firearm and bathe it in oil.  :)  Overall, still very, very nice work.  

    As for the video, bro, I mean, top notch and all, but damn.  You are putting some serious time into these things!  :o  For real, renders like this are more than awesome.   https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/028/106/033/large/promesh-studio-pms-m12-007.jpg?1593502625

    Gotta agree with algaib on the flickering stuff though.  It's too distracting from the quality of the rest of the work.  As a showcase for the work as portfolio piece, it is well done.  As a showcase for the work as a product, it would help to showcase more of what a developer might want to achieve with your product, and how optimized that asset is.  Wireframes, textures, ability to alter textures, how optimized it is for VR versus what you can get away with on a PS5 is all vital info in this market as a purchaser.  

    Keep it up!  You offer a nice quality product here and hope it does very well for you.  
  • s1dK
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    s1dK interpolator
    @algaib - Thanks man! For sure I will tone it down for the next showcase. :)
    @Firebert - Thank you for the feedback man, really good points. I will keep that in mind for the upcoming weapons....Thanks again:>

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