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(Freelance) Tech Artist for Lovecraft+Aztec 3D game

Do you have a talent to make programming and 3D art get along inside Unity? What if you could use your skills to tell the real mysteries of the Spanish-Aztec encounter, in a fresh Lovecraftian setting? 

I'm Javier from Mexico, our game's Director. I'm looking for a remote Tech Artist who can set up a graphics pipeline for rapid AA prototypes, so our artists' work can shine, as well as to prevent visual bugs. When visual issues do come up, you would diagnose and fix them, with the aid of the rest of our artists as you need them.

We're in preproduction of Dream of Darkness, our story-driven adventure for PC using Scrum. We're telling real mysteries of the Spanish-Aztec encounter in coordination with historians and archeologists. We’re experimenting in sprints which mechanics, game design, and visual direction are more exciting for our players. We’re working with a lean team until we discover the best mix of features for them, then we’ll ramp up. 

This agile process is allowing us to identify which features and assets generate the most value to our players, as well as which do the opposite so we discard them. Releasing early prototypes has allowed us to validate market interest for our title, with our community growing organically, as well as getting press coverage and a Comic Con panel invite.

We constantly find visual issues in the Unity editor and builds. From trees that look well at one point and then with less detail, to lights that don’t create shadows. Our artists may do deliverables that look well, but at the moment we import them into Unity they look worse. We're constantly figuring out which engine setting has to be tweaked. We're looking for someone experienced in our tools, ordered by priority:


--HDRP and built-in render pipelines - today we're in the latter, evaluating if moving to the former


--Cameras & effects

--Graphics optimization


--Terrain tools



-Substance Painter

-Substance Designer


-Blender for animation

-Adobe's Mixamo


-Plastic SCM

How would we work together? This is a freelance paid position. In an initial consultation you would set up the pipeline for our desired visual detail joined by our Lead Designer. Then as visual issues come up, we'd like you to fix them in a weekly basis, coordinating with our artists.

We can't wait to meet you, you rare unicorn both talented in programing and art. **Send to us your portfolio**. Together we can bring to life the strange gods reported by the Aztecs and Spanish. 

-Javier Rayon

Dream of Darkness

joinus at imertual dot com


Concept art:


Scenes from the Unity editor:


https://drive.google.com/open?id=13cF-22wC7XtytfXBrq02aW43LSWPGD8U&[email protected]&usp=drive_fs


From Lust from Beyond

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1e3fQm0aG-nZEfv9_kxmUB0kL7IDjkxd0&[email protected]&usp=drive_fs

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