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Head with 2 sets of normals- projection for normals?

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I've been working on the awkward task of transferring textures from one head to another, with very different features and anatomy between the two.
The Albedo is good enough, I used projection. Now I would like to add in Normal details from the the new character and add them to the exisiting layer, which had good pores and skin details. What's the best way to do this? I would like to patch and blend in this new normal map in a similar way to the projection tool but this does not seems possible (and i guess would be difficult to use, visually speaking).

many thanks.


  • gnoop
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    gnoop interpolator
    I never had to do such a thing in SPainter. Prefer other soft.   That project  to new geo never worked for me in SPainter . 
    But if you  managed to make it work for albedo   my guess you can project anything too.  Especially if it's hi-frequency details like pores.      Hi pass off any macro /low freq  gradients from a normal map (in blue and green separately)  and project it as if would be an albedo.     Then overlay  it over existing normal map with blue channel off. 

    If you normal map  is baked  from  zbrush hi poly, make another bake  of zbrush mesh before those pores ,  and you could make a difference  pores only  texture  using  Photoshop  difference blending .    Would make you better pores only  texture than with hipass way.
    Or just bake pores only displacement  with one subdivision step down in Zbrush and project this displacement

    If your pores are  all SPainter produced they are already hi freq details  so should be no problem at all.


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