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Dark Souls Style Prototype looking for contributors (Portfolio work that may turn kickstarter)

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Hello, I'm a generalist/tech artist with industry experience who's been putting together a prototype in my spare time these past 8 months; a dark souls style prototype boss fight with arena and lead up, and am in the home stretch for finishing it off and seeing whether it is worth trying to pitch/get funding or to keep as a high quality portfolio piece. The project is fashioned in such a way that no contribution will be made in vain and there'll be something interesting to show off at the end and be proud of even if there ultimately is no profit (which let's be honest most indie projects don't get off the ground).

I'm looking for anyone with experience in animation, ui art, vfx, design or programming in unreal to help with the final aspects of this prototype specifically, but anyone who would be interested in this kind of project should message me regardless as there may be a place for you to contribute. Little additions and alterations are constantly being made and you may come in handy.

The quality expectation is rather high for an indie project and is a good fit for people looking to add something to their portfolio, and if the prototype ends up engaging the goal would be expand to a full fledged game.

You can see my artstation here: https://www.artstation.com/thirstynerd (very out of date)

You can reach me at JordanT#3417 on discord. I don't check polycount all that often.

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