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Our Team is Looking for Animators and Programmers

  1. I work with a team of people building a tech demo showcasing our main ideas for potential publishers to gain funding and start our own dev team. Our project lead has connections to various publishers in the industry and a couple of them have been consistently showing interest in what we have to show them. Microsoft, Sony, and Bandai Namco being the main ones although there are others. Our game is about the relationship between people and nature and how it has changed since a global pandemic caused society to collapse.

    Our story will mainly be experienced from the perspective of a woman in her mid to late '20s and her travels with her dog throughout this new world discovering what happened to the US while she was in hiding. Our main character as well as her dog will see people who are in their own way attached, detached, or malevolent towards nature/animals. The player will be able to complete a pacifist playthrough with no killing of npcs, should they choose. The player will have various methods of approaching each obstacle being aggressive or passive with the tools to help them do it, i.e weapons, resources, etc.

    Beginning the game as someone particularly average, the character by the end will change into a fit and experienced survivor with the visual changes to her appearance matching her progress i.e weight loss, longer sprint duration, and melee may become a bit more impactful as well as moving objects in the world around her, like dumpsters, and ladders Unfortunately we can't just hire people to work with us so finding and retaining good people has been a real challenge, but that's the nature of what we're trying to do so we'll keep going. Each of us works on this project as a side job a part from our main responsibilities and jobs until we get our funding"

    What we need:

    1. Animations

      1. Generic animations made in whatever tool is preferred. (UE4 knowledge is highly preferred but not required)

      2. Control Rig experience + Sequencer experience

    2. AI

      1. Any knowledge is good.

      2. Third person stealth action game. AI for guard NPCs. Reacting to the player, patrolling, investigating. Player is not fighting back so no real combat.

      3. Companion. Follow the player around in a natural way.

Our team is working on this project in our time outside of work/individual lives so we are flexible with due dates and workload. When emailing for the first time please leave me with your timezone as that will be important as well for ease of communication.

 If you are looking for something to add to your portfolio that will be used while giving you credit for your work, or are interested in our team's potential, contact me at [email protected] I'll answer your questions should you have any, thank you for your time.


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