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3D Artists, Animators, and Programmers looking for work I have an offer

My team and I are currently working on building a tech demo for a 3rd-person, story-driven, post-apocalyptic, stealth game taking place in modern America in Unreal Engine but we need help. Our environment needs assets and textures to make it fit our setting and we need programmers who can make NPCs function the way we need as well as the inclusion of our mechanics. We need 3d artists (generalists), a material artist (someone who can create tileable materials in Substance Designer), and of course, we can always do with additional programmers specifically anyone looking to develop, grow their experience with enemy and buddy AI systems.

For artists/designers, our art style is photorealism, unless you can make logos and or mascots please include that in your portfolio when emailing me. If you are unfamiliar with Ue5 this is your chance to learn as you work with us.

This demo is planned to be roughly 10 minutes long to showcase our main ideas; when it's presented to potential publishers for funding which will allow us to go into full production. At that point, you have the option of staying with us as founding team members of a developer in the industry or leave with your new portfolio work. We can't offer payment so we are willing to work with people who are less experienced.

Our team is working on this project in our time outside of work/individual lives so we are flexible with due dates and workload. When emailing for the first time please leave me with your timezone as that will be important as well for ease of communication.

 If you are looking for something to add to your portfolio that will be used while giving you credit for your work, or are interested in our team's potential, contact me at [email protected] I'll answer your questions should you have any, thank you for your time.


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