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Developing my 2nd game & looking for 3D artist to create atmospheric assets with unique style


I’m looking for a 3D artist to develop my 2nd game together and hopefully make it commercially successful. I'm targeting for mobile & Steam/Mac Appstore.

I’m searching for a person to develop atmospheric and unique style together and who can model from references as well as from imagination and/or description. The assets needed would vary from the main character to environments and levels. Rigging, animating and texturing, 2D for UI elements would be great skills to have too, but we could work this out together! I can do basic modelling myself, but I’d really want to push things to a better quality level with someone who is passionate about 3D and games.

I have the main game mechanic settled and a small prototype created. Also I have the story concept and main vision, but all the ideas are welcome if they make the game better. 

I’m an organised person, I could do all the timelines and planning and for a long time I worked in a team of 2, so I know the drill :) Also I have been working as a camera operator in TV and advertising for 10 years, so the visual aspect of the game is very important to me and i would put all my effort to make it not only play fun, but look good too.

Like many other posts here - this is a passion hobby at the moment, so no money included, but at least we would create something beautiful, and maybe in the end make some money out of it!

Write me here or email and I’ll provide all the details :)

[email protected]

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