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Looking for 2D/3D Artist for mobile game

About Us:
We are a team of two persons. I am working with Unity since Feb. 2020. And i mostly programm. My teammate is an Artist, who is doing 2D/3D Stuff right now.  Started with the game on April 2020.

What are we looking for?
We're looking for an Artist who is not total beginner, but you must not be the total pro either. You would get full described tasks, on whatever youre good at. We need help with nearly everything at the moment. Means 2D Stuff (UI/Skill Icons/Item Icons/Backgrounds) but also 3D models(Assets,Characters/Monsters)

The current goals is to finish sth, that we can call a "demo " version.  

a few basic informations about the game:
- you can create up to 16 characters
- there will be 12 different classes with their own skill tree
- you have to fight normal Monsters/finish quests/kill bosses/pvp to gain exp on different Maps
- after you reach a new lvl you can invest Skill/Stat Points to increase Characters strenght
- Stat and Skill Points are limited so you have to think first about where you want to invest your points
- no resets, besides deleting a charakter
- monsters drop Equip, Items with a low Chance
- Upgrade system to make your equipment stronger
- each class can have a lot of different working builds, so each player can feel individuel
- elemental System with 6 different elements

there is a lot more, but this will just be too much

What is currently working?
- Character Creation
- Charakter Menu with all your created Charakters
- Map is alrdy created with the first lvl
- Team Setup to play a map ( choose 1-4 Characters of your team)
- Level instantiate
- Monster / Player spawnsystem
- Fights between Monsters/Players with complete dmg calculation
- Lvl Up system
- Exp System ( you gain exp and lose some on death)
- Inventory
- City Scene with a  Shop where you can buy Items
-  Equip / Stats / Inventory / Charakter progress is saved after quiting
- Currency System is working

Current coding goals:
-  a daily login reward
-  more lvls
-  NPC Upgrade System
- elemental system ( fire deals more dmg to earth, wind to water etc)
- Health / Mana should be saved after quitting

Current Artist goals:
- finish the first level
- replace all my retarded looking place holders
- create different 2D backgrounds 
- Skill Icons
- UI
- Item Icons (Weapons/Potions/Equipment)
- Assets

We have a discord server and we use unity collab to share projekt, so everyone can work on same project together at the same time.

I have no problem with placing everything by myself in Unity, if you have no experience with it. 

Its a hobby project, so there wont be any payment. Its more about finishing an Idea and learn a lot. Of course our final goal is to finish the project and try to sell it via App Store. But thats sth what we should talk about if we are at this point. 

Besides that, i have to mention that we are both family fathers, full time jobs. So we are not working full time on this project, only if we have some free time. If you could at least invest the same,  we are aldy happy.

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