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VesaN triangle
*Please note that I don't currently accept royalties or post-launch compensation work*


My name is Vesa, I'm from Finland and am a self taught 3D game artist looking for opportunities, freelance, full time, part time, you name it. My skills are equivalent to a maximum level of Junior position, so please keep that in mind. My passion is in the stylized game art, mobile and PC games, and I handle PBR texturing, optimization and baking, texture packing included. I'm not yet very experienced with foliage nor animation or VFX.

I know UE4 well and that's my preferred game engine platform.

I also love hand painting both pencil and digital, and to create my own concept art to work on.

I am available part time until June and after that full-time.

Whether it's game art or rendered images, or concept art that you're looking for, feel free to contact me either here with direct message or at vesa.naerhi(at)gmail.com and we'll figure things out together!

Here's my artstation: https://www.artstation.com/vesan

The sketch above is a concept sketch I'm currently working on in 3D.
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