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3dsMax 2022 with Smart Extrude Cut-Through and Bridge

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Autodesk Official VIdeo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0bIYyorjY0
Eloi's video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbrHCICnT4s
Performance update detail.
Smart Extrude
  • Smart Extrude Cut-through - removes geometric data when the smart extrude passes to the other side of faces.
  • Smart Extrude Bridge - perform union operations and join non neighboring polygons together from complete intersections.
  • EditPoly support for Smart Extrude
Revamped Slice/Symmetry modifier
  • Multiple axis slice planes with Planar slicing/symmetry. This allows you to slice/symmetry on X, Y and Z axis at the same time. You can flip any of the individual axis to get the desired result.
  • Radial slicing - Radial slicing along one plane (z by default). You have control over the two angles up to 180 degrees.
  • Radial symmetry - enables a new symmetry function to quickly duplicate and repeat your geometry around the gizmo center to rapidly create new variations and empower your workflow. You can use as rasial array, too.
  • Mirror option for Radial Symmetry - Mirrors each radial symmetry part to create seamless connection between each part.
  • Pick Face option for Planar slicing/symmetry- allows you to quickly align the slice plane to any face of the object that the modifier is applied to.
  • Pick Object - picking a different object in the scene to drive the transform of the slice/symmetry. Gizmo transform. This makes it much easier to animate the gizmo. Almost like having a local and world space modifier in one.
  • Improved Performance. 2x faster than the original slice modifier.
  • Smarter Weld Seam - modifier actually knows what vertices are split from one another and welds them back based on the slice plane instead of blankly weld by distance threshold. The edges not being sliced (generating new vertices) aren’t considered. It allows to weld vertices from different elements of a mesh in a smarter way
  • Cap(Slice) - open holes created by the Slice operation can now be capped along its boundary edges.
  • Set Cap Material(Slice) - Automatic selection for capped faces(Slice)
  • Automatic Operation mode(Slice) - Slice modifier will use the same data type coming from stack by default.
Improved Relax modifier
  • Fullt multithreaded for better performance. A test shows 3.5x improvement over 1.1mil verts and 2.2mil tris
  • Preserve volume option
Improved Extrude modifier
  • Optimized capping provides significant performance improvement for complex shape with a lot of elements. A test on a spline with 220 spline and 523,176 points was 130 times faster than before(3576 second vs 27.7 second).
  • Capped geometry is cached. Therefore, the extrude updates instantly when the amount value is changed.
Safe Scene Script Execution
  • 3dsMax will block the execution of scripted commands found in the scene that could be used for malicious purposes. The same commands found in script files (*.ms, *.mse, *.mcr, *.py, etc) will not be blocked. Safe Scene Script Execution (SSSE) is enabled by default
  • The Safe Scene Script Execution settings can be found in the Security tab of the Preferences dialog The commands being blocked fall into these categories:
    1) Maxscript system commands: these are commands that allow access to resources outside the 3ds Max scene, such as file system, process execution, network and internet. Examples include DosCommand, ShellLaunch, createOLEObject, LoadDllsFromDir,
    2) Python commands: these are commands that allow for executing python code from Maxscript. Basically the methods of the Python Maxscript interface are all off limits.
    3) 3rd part .NET code: instancing of .NET types that 3ds Max does not use are disallowed from scripts embedded in a scene file.
  • User friendly notifications on blocked scripted commands - When a scripted command is blocked, a message is displayed in our new modeless Security Message window, and it’s displayed in orange to indicate that it’s new (hasn’t been read yet). the blocked command icon in the status bar will increment the count of blocked messages and turn orange for a little while the plugin\feature that owns the script containing the blocked command will pop open. The message that displays the name of the blocked command, also displays the parameters passed to the command
  • Security Tools integrated into Security preferences - You can enable\disable the Security Tools from the Security preferences tab – see the “Malware Removal” section.
  • Unsafe dragAndDrop FPS methods are blocked by the Safe Scene Script Execution feature
  • 3dsmax.exe (3dsmaxio.exe), 3dsmaxbatch.exe and 3dsmaxcmd.exe all support the command line options and env vars for controlling Safe Scene Script Execution.
  • command-line option for all flavors of 3ds Max : ‘- safescene [on|off]’
  • environment variable ‘ADSK_3DSMAX_SAFE_SCENE’ (with ‘[1|0]’ values) - The order in which the settings are read and applied (the last valid in list is the one retained): 3ds Max ini file, environment variable, command-line
  • Evaluating macroscript definitions and running macros.new or macros.load are blocked when called from embedded script and Safe Scene Script Execution is enabled.
  • The dotnet.loadAssembly <assembly_dll_string> method is blocked when called from embedded script, Safe Scene Script Execution is enabled, and SSSE execution of .Net is disabled
  • Unsafe dragAndDrop FPS methods are blocked by the Safe Scene Script Execution feature
  • The Malware Removal functionality also has an option to notify the user of updates available to the Security Tools on Autodesk App Store.
  • Accelerated Auto Smooth.algorithm - EditableMesh and EditablePoly AutoSmooth command, EditMesh and EditPoly Autosmooth command, Smooth modifier and Renderable Spline with Autosmooth on. The performance gains are significant. One of the test models took 2.8 second compared to 6664 second before. 3000 times faster!
  • Faster EditPoly Remove Edges and to a lesser extent, Remove Vertices - EditPoly Remove edges (with ctrl on) and Remove vertices in various places (including EditablePoly). A test which removed 238,800 verts from 318402 verts showed 2,533 times improvement. 2021.3 took 4276.9 second, and 2022 took 1.688 second. This change break backward compatibility. This means you will not see improvements when loading old files. Only the newly added Edit Poly modifier will use this improvement.
  • Accelerated mesh clusters - A test model with Bevel Faces and Chamfer Edges processed in 4 second compare to 1 minute 25 second before.
  • Accelerate an internal controller data structure “TempStore” - This optimization improves key creation speed. this can improve file loading of scenes with a bazillion keys (since you have to “create” all those keys on file load). And it may improve performance of operations that destroy/create many keys at once (for example reduce key). It also comes with a tiny (very tiny) bump in speed for most controllers
  • Update geometry library to conform to c++11 object creation/destruction - 3dsMax geometry library has been modernized to help performance and stability. it could improve modifiers that work with geometry a lot (and use standard containers & algorithms). We also made our matrices safer (they could read corrupted memory, causing crashes or bad values)
  • Optimized Attachment controller - added math optimizations and the ability to cache the data so that playback speeds are improved after the data has been loaded and played the first,
  • Common Maps - extend bake elements that users can pick to quickly achieve desired results. – The following maps are supported in 2022. Beauty, Color, Metalness, Roughness, Vertex Color, Emissive, MaterialID, Material Input, Opacity, Normal, Ambient Occlusion, Rounded Corners.
  • Any renderer can “hook” into those Common Maps to define how they want to best bake that common map. Common Maps are MaxScript based for 3rdparty to support easily. If a Common Map is not supported by a renderer yet, it will display as unsupported (barred teapot icon at the beginning of the line).
  • Gamma settings are now exposed in Bake to Texture for non-data maps, which will bake at a 1.0 setting
  • Baking normal maps with scanline no longer produces specular artifacts.
  • Baking multiple UV tiles no longer bakes the same time repeatedly.
  • Baking self projected normal maps no longer produces artifacts and noise.
  • Baking with Arnold no longer applies an unexpected filtering, resulting in a blurred result.
  • The Enter key no longer commits unexpected changes in the Bake to Texture window.
  • Save to previous function no longer triggers unexpected warnings when scene contains Bake to Texture data.
  • Faster Qt Render dialog
  • Classic Material Editor default slot materials are all set to simple gray Physical material for faster loading.
  • Presentation Mode
    Borderless floating viewport.
  • Improved ATSOps interface – allowing repathing of scene assets via MAXScript
  • Dock toolbars with correct height Dockwidgets created via MaxScript maintain the correct/initial size
  • SolidWorks 2021 support
  • Updated SecurityTools to handle ALC alpha variant
  • In an effort to allow for auditing software security issues such as malware attacks, we are now logging all maxscripts 3ds Max loads.
  • Added a new environment variable (ADSK_3DSMAX_SESSION_LOG) that users can use to specify the name and location of a session log file.
  • CAT Preset Files now stored in this folder: C:\Users[User}\Autodesk\3ds Max [year]\User Settings\CAT.
  • Particle Flow Presets now stored in this location: C:\Users\<username>\Autodesk\3ds Max 2022\UserSettings\Particle Flow .


  • PolyHertz
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    PolyHertz quad damage
    It's a nice update. Boolean/Smart Extrude is awesome in particular, and it's good Radial Symmetry no longer requires 3rd party plugins. That said, there's no real surprises here. Most of this was in the 2021 updates in some form.

    It's interesting to see that there has been some weld related changes, as hopefully that means they've fixed weld so it no longer fails on certain topologies for no good reason (there's been some sort of topology related bug in it for years, which means it can't be trusted for use in scripts).

    Every time a new release happens I keep hoping to see Undo support added in Maxscript for splines and proboolean. It sucks having to use hacks and workarounds to get such a basic feature working.
  • coven
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    coven polycounter lvl 6
    The new weld algorithm keeps track of the vertices that are generated and only welds those pairs back together. If you have a mesh that is made up of several elements, the elements will stay in tact. Previously, the weld was just a proximity threshold and could generate bad geometry. There are still cases where you might want the proximity weld and there have been people ask if we could put the weld threshold spinner back in. We will probably do this and just have a additional checkbox to turn the proximity weld method on if needed.
  • Jean_Pierre_Seiler
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    Jean_Pierre_Seiler polycounter lvl 2

    Just saw this and wow that looks really amazing, great job!
    Didn't knew there was already a thread about that going on polycount ;)
  • gandhics
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    gandhics polycounter lvl 5
  • gandhics
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    gandhics polycounter lvl 5
    Combo with ShapeMerge.
  • coven
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    coven polycounter lvl 6
    Hey everyone! Just a little update in 2022.2 in regards to Smart Extrude. You can now do partial cuts/merges and we also support multiple cut throughs. Enjoy!
  • Kanni3d
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    Kanni3d sublime tool
    coven said:
    Hey everyone! Just a little update in 2022.2 in regards to Smart Extrude. You can now do partial cuts/merges and we also support multiple cut throughs. Enjoy!

    precisely what i've been longing for - lovely update all around with unfold 3d algorithms
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