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3ds max how to properly set background on landscape scenes?

Hey everyone,

+++++youtube.com/watch?v=9UwOrl036_A&t=96s  (COPY LINK, age  restricted)    Reference   (SKY&SMOKE background)

How to add a background to a scene where camera is rotating . I use hdri map to cast reflections and I want that background would receive those reflections as well, my intention to create a more realistic version. Do I use a simple plane with bend modifier or environment spherical map.
Is there a better and more practical method?


  • Eric Chadwick
    What's your renderer? VRayLight has a dome feature that automatically adds it to the background. 

    You could perhaps add your map in the Environment Background slot (see help file). It will automatically set the UV type in the Bitmap node to Screen, but you should change it to Spherical if you're using a proper latlong panorama.
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