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3ds Max, skinning doesn't seem to work quite like it used to?

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Graylord polycounter lvl 9
Hi, I used to do rigging and skinning in 3ds Max 2012 and was able to get everything working the way I wanted.

But I haven't done rigging and skinning for a long time and I am now using 3ds max 2019.
Now when I try to skin my model to my skeleton, I get unexpected deformations.

Back when I wanted to skin solid pieces, E.G a part of a metal armor, I would just have to make sure all the vertices that I want to behave as a solid piece identically weighted so that they move exactly the same amount in the same directions.

So if I have for instance a elbow pad, I would weigh it 50% to the upper arm and 50% to the lower arm, that way the pad would stay solid, but inherit half of the rotation and translation of each bone.
But when I do the same thing now, the model deforms and streches (mostly shrinking) instead of just rotating or translating evently, almost as if even if they are all weighed the same, the vertices' distance from the bone is still taken into account, which I do not want.

I use absolute weights, not envelopes, I can confirm no other bones are affecting the vertices.

What do I need to do for it to behave like it used to?

Basically, absolute effect doesn't seem to be actually absolute anymore?
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