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My Portfolio so far (2D Art and 3D Art)

I just recently finished a 4 year online course program on Digital Game Art and this is my resulting portfolio.


It's mainly full of concept art of characters I want to use in "dream games" many of whom I have been refining and honing over the years.

I've also got plenty of 3D models in there that I generally made for people to use in unfunny game mods. There's also my school final project called Flowers and Trees in there, which was made in Unreal Engine. I usually tend to make them in sculpts more tooled to be game asset ready, not high poly sculpts.

This early on, I'm not 100% sure what my artistic specialty is going to be. I mainly enjoy writing stories of dream games and trying to design all the characters and environments needed to bring them to life. In more recent days though, people are mainly commissioning me to make 3D models of characters to use in game mods.

Now when I talk about dream games, you probably know where I want to go with this. I'm still trying to figure it all out. Do you think I am ready to work at a game company? I do feel that I'd like to work on other people's projects though first before taking any leaderships.

Feel free to give me some feedback on my portfolio. Go Jasper Rolls on it if you have to (if anyone gets the Psychonauts reference). Definitely let me know of any tools, softwares, resources, or short courses on what could be used to make my art look shinier.

I mainly use: Blender, Photoshop CC, and Substance Painter.

Now who wants to help me get to someday making a video game about two little witches that have to stop a mad scientist that wants to eradicate magic?
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