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Looking for texture artist to skin one model for feature-complete Metal Gear Solid VR fangame.

I have made a virtual reality MGS game (with optional non-VR mode) that recreates the boss fight against REX from MGS1 using assets from MGS4.

The game is practically complete. All that's left is bug squashing and adding some missing foley. However there is one blocker I can not overcome myself. The REX from MGS4 is designed to look partially destroyed. The Hangar from the Shadow Moses level also had the same look, but its large size and modular design meant I could copy and mirror intact sections to make it look new.

REX is small enough to have the same pieces missing on both sides and it has an asymmetrical camouflage skin. I have patched the missing pieces of the model but the textures are another story. Also with the copying and pasting of polys, I imagine the UV map must be a total horror show by now.

I am looking for a texture artist who can make 1024 x 1024 diffuse, specular, and normal maps for the model. Primary reference materials are provided with images of the Kotobukiya Metal Gear Rex figurine paint guide, secondary materials in the form of the original MGS4 REX, and tertiary references from the Twin Snakes REX model. I prefer to work in the FBX format. Or if you use 3DS Max like me, the .max format.

Will guarantee to make you first in the queue for beta testing.
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