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Blueprint Programmer for Survival Horror Game - Unreal Engine - (Rev-Share)

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Hello, my name is Kyle and I am a Level Designer/ Environment Artist, I have been spending to past few months with an idea of a game in my head and took it upon myself to start developing the project solo. After getting a blockout of the map for this game done and testing out some basic blureprints to get the game at  the level I want it to be at, I am struggling to get certain features in as it is simply out of my area of expertise. 

Ideally I am looking for someone who is Knowledgeable in programming in unreal and fresh out of University or a games / programming course.

So if you are a Blueprint Programmer who is looking for a fun project and something to add your name to, send me an email telling me a bit about yourself, experience and some of the work you have done. There we can discuss the core mechanics of the game.


As the post said, I am not able to offer payment upfront as I simply do not have the funds to expend out of my own pocket. But I am willing to give a percentage of the games sales when it is up on steam. Upon the amount of work that will be needed to complete the project, we can discuss that amount in emails.

I look forward to hearing from you!


A test image and feel of the game

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