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Basketball Free-shot Animation

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LukeAnimation polycounter lvl 3

I was wondering if I could receive some feedback on the animation provided in the link below.


Kind regards



  • AlexAng
    Maybe have the Right hand on top of the ball so we can see it from the side, I think when people take actual free throws they try to get their shooting arm very centered behind the ball. In this case I recommend it more for staging the action better.

    The head could be focusing on the rim pretty constantly, that means rotating and counter-animating a lot throughout the movement.

    Body feels a little weightless which I think is a little bit of stiff posing, timing, and major masses all moving together. You might want to take it back to stepped keys and see if you can exaggerate the snappyness and weight, push the compression and tension in the pose before making it splined.

    I don't know if he's supposed to be reacting to something at the end but it's not reading the best/needs to be cleaned up.
  • LukeAnimation
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    LukeAnimation polycounter lvl 3
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