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[WIP] 3D Environment - Unreal Scene

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Bibosch polycounter lvl 4
Hey everyone,
currently I am working on a scene in Unreal. I am a bit stuck. The scene feels wrong, but I can not tell what it is exactly. So I would be really grateful for any kind of feedback.

Here you can see a GIF that shows the complete working process of this scene. 


  • samarth7523
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    samarth7523 polycounter lvl 2
    This scene looks amazing. I just wanted to tell you that, sorry that I can't help you with anything else. Great job!

    Edit: Maybe there's a lot going on. (Not an expert, please consider other opinions too)
  • GreenFirefly
    I love the scene and idea! Not an expert on environments either, but I feel that your composition was a bit better earlier as shown in progress gif. Eventho you added bright red flowers, my eyes are still drawn to the sun and city. But I noticed that in the progress pics I was looking at the right place. So maybe push the bridge and city a bit back again. To get some depth to the scene. And some value adjusting, maybe try looking at your scene in grayscale. Maybe that could give new ideas. 
  • teodar23
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    teodar23 sublime tool
    The lighting is the biggest problem.
    You chose to have the sun behind the focus area and there are 2 issues with that. First, cascaded shadow maps (default shadowing technique in ue4 for dynamic lighting) are not doing a very good job of shadowing small objects. I suggest trying to increase shadow resolution from the console but i forgot the command. The slider on the dir light is capped by the console command.
    Secondly, there is no bounced light in the scene. I see you tried faking it with some point lights but its not very convincing. I suggest you try something like LPV or baking the lighting.
    Scenes with lots of vegetation tend to look very "busy" or noisy. Your scene suffers from that too.
    I woud get rid of the damaged bridge piece on the left because it has interpenetrating geometry.
    Also, the focus point is a bit confusing since that bridge takes up most of the image center. My attention is drawn towards the light so naturally the cityscape is the second thing i looked at. The mech is in slight darkness and to the side which makes it a secondary focus at best.
    In conclusion, bake the lighting if RTX is not an option and/or consider another angle for the sunlight.
  • einnemee
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    einnemee node
    This is awesome. I don't really know why, but I feel like the background (the clouds and skyscrapers) are the weakest part. Maybe the bridge could use some more texture or plants on it? 

    Looks great though. 
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