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[WIP] Black Lagoon Fanart - Revy gameready character

Hey everyone, this started out as an anatomy study by trying to make the whole body from scratch. I decided to try making a realistic gameready character for my portfolio out of it. I think there are some mistakes with the anatomy so far but I can't really see them so I'd like some feedback. The character is Revy from the anime/manga "Black Lagoon". She is Chinese.

I already made a game ready model of her twin pistols long ago, but the texture isn't very good so I'm redoing them as well. Any feedback is appreciated, thanks. I will continue posting updates here as i work on it. Also don't mind the hair, it is a placeholder for now.


  • Skinner3D
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    Skinner3D polycounter lvl 5
    being that your source is anime, proportions are hard to copy. However, her face seems off. Maybe its the nose. I am not sure. You are also lacking some of the underlying mass. Her face looks good in the the zoomed out shot, but all the up close ones seem flat.
    If you are being stickler the hairstyle is wrong, lol but that is nitpicking with this sort of thing.
  • MofuCat
    I found some better references and made some changes, made the ears better too after someone pointed it out.

    Referenced Jung hoyeon's face but i changed the cheek and nose abit.
  • MofuCat

    here's another update. The gloves, shirt and boots are ready for some sculpted details which I will do later. Still working on the holster and i need to loosen the shorts.
  • MofuCat

    Holster highpoly is done and ready for sculpted details, just gotta make the straps now. Don't mind the ugly gun sitting in it, I just dynameshed my entire gun model to use as a base.
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