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Prestige Games Looking for Artists/Programmers/Sound Engineers and Game Designers

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Hello Everyone!

About Us:
Prestige Games is a soon to be Dev Studio based in New Zealand. We are Developing a 3D Cartoon/Stylized, Role playing, Survival, Strategy, 3rd Person, PVE/PVP and Biome Collision Game called Apocalyptic Arena, better known as AA. We are moving forward from the Battle Royale craze and creating the next frist talking point Game Style.

Our Team: 
Prestige Games consists of 3 passionate artists from different fields. A 3D Artist, An Author and A Musician.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for 2D and 3D Artists, Programmers that are comfortable in Unity, A Sound Engineer and A Game Designer to work along side the Founder and Concept Artists.

Why work for Prestige Games? : 
Prestige Games has a Community based approach in the Design/Execution process. We run our own Community Discord server where we will post our milestones to gather some feedback from the people most eager to play it first. This makes us highly involved with our Players, which im sure anyone can agree is crucial and many other massive games Lack. We are throwing in as many innovative concepts we can into the works in order to help the Gaming Community evolve. Our Team and Players are very passionate about the game, Our main drive to finish this game is simple. We want to play it!

The Ideal fit:
1. We expect our Team to be emotionally invested into the Game Concept. This isnt a Job, Its a Hobby, so work with passion and fire!
2. The ideal addition to the Team will be able to meet deadlines, be extremely on top of their Time management and independent work srategy. 
3. We are an English speaking Team and we expect to be able to communicate fluently between eachother, Part of this is having access to Discord with clear Audio, where we will have meeting calls every week.
4. We do not require anyone to work full time, Although being able to work Full Time is a massive bonus.
5. Portfolio Work must be submitted. 

As for Payment, We will discuss the pay received based on the work produced. Majority of the Income will come after publish dates, there are plans at the end of the year for a better payment system to come into place. Loyalty and Hard work is rewarded at Prestige Games.

Thank you so much for your time reading through what we have to say, We hope to hear from you soon! Don't be afraid to contact us, we are very easy going.

Contact details: 
https://discord.gg/6c7Dj3CrMS  (PM Vpepsii<3AADev)
Instagram @dre_koch
You can also PM me on Polycount, Although you are garaunteed to get a faster reply on either Discord or Instagram.
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