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Motion Blur turns solid objects transparent [Maya + Vray]

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FP_ polycounter lvl 2
Dear members,

Can anyone help me out with these motion blur issues within Maya + Vray 5?

I animated the rotating parts for 1000 frames and took a still from somewhere in between, having checked "motion blur" in de Vray Physical Camera and set a slower shutter speed to capture more of the movement. But the results are not really nice. The objects get transparent somehow. This won't happen in real life as the objects are solid.

Aside from this main issue, the rest of the rendered motion isn't looking all that great either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Help much appreciated!
Thank you :)


  • Eric Chadwick
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    Chaos has a very good Help forum for V-Ray, staffed by knowledgeable users and support staff. Have you tried searching (and posting) in there? That's the first place I would look, as well as checking the help files.

    I don't use motion blur, as I never animate, sorry I can't help you there.
  • FP_
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    FP_ polycounter lvl 2
    Thanks for your suggestion. However, I already found the solution.
    I had to increase the geometry samples under the render settings / overrides / camera. It's at 6 now instead of 2.

    It looks a lot better now, but I do wonder what this glitch is:

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