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Updating a Hacker Room I previously made [WIP]

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Jacob493 node
Name of Original Illustrator: 

Lloyd Drake-Brockman

Original Work

Hello, I made this hacker room a while back, and now I hitting it again because I want to make it look better because I know I can. I added a few things that are not from the original concept, I would still like to add new things in the room to make it feel more alive. I'm posting it here because I would like to hear some feedback from other people, it doesn't hurt to get better at things. 


  • Jacob493
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    Jacob493 node

    I changed the main source of light to be the computers and the lava lamp
    *Added fog to make the lights apparent 
    *Added Pizza boxes and Chinese food boxes and chopsticks
    *Added the 4 Star Dragonball on the desk 
    *Added 2 projectors to make it seems the decal maps are being projected on the wall (any idea on how to make the edges of the decal not sharp?)
    *Fixed and changed the textures of some assets 
    *Added Papers on the floor and table
    *Added sticky notes on a computer and desk
    The papers that are on the wall, I made them into a decal but you can't see it because it's dark. I thinking of making an asset that can glow so that you can see, or if there's another way to show them I would love to hear any suggestions. 
    Any other critiques are welcome, here to better up my skills in 3D artwork. Thank you! 

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