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3D Hard Surface Artist - Available to Work (Full-Time, Contract, and Freelance)

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FredCM polycounter lvl 6
I've been working with 3D modeling and texturing for games and VR applications for 3 years. You can take a look at my portfolio and know what to expect from my work in terms of quality: https://www.artstation.com/fredcm

The models I make have very good control of topology, making sure no shading issues will occur. I make everything: from blocking out the model to UVing, retopology, optimization, PBR texturing, game engine importing (Unreal Engine or Unity), and material set up within the game engine. From SKU's to furniture, accessories, and weapons. I got you covered :)

So, if you need any kind of models for real-time applications, just get in touch and we can make a deal!

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