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Detergent Bottle Feedback

Hello guys! I want model complex things. I think that maybe a detergent bottle it's not the correct decision, but the organic shape that those bottles have, I think they serve as a good practice. 

I tried to make the bottle out of this reference, but I'm struggling. It smooths well, I think it doesn't look bad, but there's parts where I don't know how keep working on it. How do I know if the model is correct? Topology wise... the use of poles, etc?

I don't know how to add the sticker sharp edge without messing up the topology. Should I have thought about this from the beginning? I put the image link separate, because it's a little big.


Also, on the cap, there are details. Should I try to model those or use another method like displacement? 

Edge flow really makes my brain itch sometimes, I don't know how to solve the puzzles sometimes, is there something I can do or an object that I can model to improve on that?

I'll add the OBJ link, in case it would be helpful


Thanks, guys! Take care :D


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    GOODGRIEF triangle
    Hi @MegaSofteae,

    I think you've done a great job so far. The scale and proportions are strong, and the form of the bottle reads well compared to the reference. 

    As for your question on the cap, a good rule of thumb I've learned is that if it breaks silhouette, you usually want to model it. Otherwise, it could be faked with some clever use of displacement maps. That's something I'd say also applies to the sticker. Like you mentioned it would probably require some heavy rework to model that in and would change your topology entirely. If it were me, I'd leave it for texturing and use the height map to make the sticker feel like it's on top of the model like it'd be in real life if that makes sense but again it all depends on the asset. 

    One thing I do notice is a flat area on the handle. The reference looks perfectly round but the model has a dimple in it like it's been dropped and dented there. You may want to play with the verts in that area to fix it up and that should fix the shading there too. 

    Topology takes time and every model is different. It really just comes down to continuing to work on models and it'll become a little easier with time but will always take some finessing no matter how good you get. Even the greatest artists have to solve these little puzzles. 

    Overall, great work with this asset since these compound shapes can be tough to do. You've got a great foundation from the looks of it. Keep it up!
  • MegaSofteae
    @GOODGRIEF, Hello!

    Thank you! I really appreciate it, I will try to keep on and trying more complex models and think if it's worth it trying to model it or using displacement! Again I really appreciate it! Cheers! I will check the artifact! :D
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