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[FINISHED] Assassin's Creed 1 Inspired Ruins - Unreal Engine

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Jalalzai polycounter lvl 3
Scene runs on 4k 60fps without planar reflections and exponential height fog.
Wanted to practice modular environment skills, my main focus for this project was to use the same asset as many times as possible in the scene, so for that I considered every object to be unique from different angle... for example those columns are a single object but each column has 4 sides so adding different details to each side can give me total of 4 columns, same goes with the arches and walls. 

I learned :
-Making Substances and mixing them in painter.
-Making sense of the modularity of the scene.

Credits :
Puddle material by @ThomasHarle
Ivy Generator by Thomas Luft http://ivy-generator.com/
Grass Atlas by Quixel Megascans https://quixel.com

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