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2d artwork (sprites/stills/gui) to rework my existing game on Steam

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Greetings polycount people.

Last year in October I released a game on steam ( https://store.steampowered.com/app/1443190/Knights_of_Grumthorr/ ) which aside from a handful of purchased assets was all my own hand drawn artwork.

I hoped to re-release a sequel to the game with more professional looking quality and this is where this post comes in.

If there are artists who like what they see in the game already and would like to assist me in reworking the existing game then please contact me.

In terms of revenue share it depends on how many folk were to be involved, but my thoughts are that it would be an equal split among all developers involved but varied according to the qty of assets supplied by each developer.

The game is already written, working and playable.  In December I released the source code publicly which you can find through the steam page.  The game itself is currently free and easy to modify and play around with assets and such.

Word of warning however: While I'm offering revenue share my personal experience is that solo dev projects I've written in the past don't make a lot of revenue and so be mindful that the return on this project may be small.

I attach three screenshots from the game as it currently stands, other info is already available on my Steam page.

Thank you.


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