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Unreal - Automatically Generate Materials from Textures?

polycounter lvl 5
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FredCM polycounter lvl 5

I have several texture sets in my HD and I would like Unreal Engine to import them all and automatically create a material instance for each of them. This material instance should be based on a master material I have already created. My textures already follow a specific naming convention, with prefixes and suffixes, which I believe could make things easier.

So, does anyone know if there is a plugin/script for that in Unreal Engine? I've tried using Quixel's Bridge, but it generates its own master material, which is way more complex than what I need.


  • poopipe
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    poopipe veteran polycounter
    two options

    replace the master material contents with something you like

    make an editor utility - you can do that with blueprints

    or for bonus points - do it in python 
  • FredCM
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    FredCM polycounter lvl 5
    Thanks for the reply, @poopipe! The idea is to avoid making things manually, automating this process as much as possible. So replacing contents by hand would be my last option.

    Blueprints and scripts seem to be the solution. But unfortunately, I'm currently only skilled in hard surface modeling, and my Python/Blueprints skills are almost null. This is something to be improved on, but by this time, I'm trying to know if there is already a solution out there.
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