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[PAID] 3D Character Modeller and Animator

Emissary.live is developing an innovative Real-Time Strategy game in a nostalgic Feudal-age style, and is looking for the perfect talent for a set of short-term visual objectives.

This is in the first round a commission based role, but with the possibility of long-term collaboration.

3D Character Modeller and Animator

Remote, comission, opportunity to extend

Helps us realize the visual potential of our western Feudal-age, Online Real-Time Strategy game. The Cavalry, Bandits, Ministers and Serf populating our world, need to be brought to life in a glorious nostalgic, retro, isometric animation.

In the first step of this visual objective, we are looking for an 8 - directional animated cavalry model in the style employed by Age of Empire 2 and Stronghold. For reference the the current place-holder assets and the world it lives in, can be observed in the open alpha on www.Emissary.live

Model visual notes:

  • The model will consist of a rider and a horse
  • The rider would wear plate armour with a tabard on top - this so it will be easier to change the colour of the model, between factions
  • The horse is white with dark harnesses - keep in mind we might want a light brown, black and grey in the future
  • The rider has a sword in the one hand
  • The rider is not a fighter or warrior, but an Emissary or diplomat character
  • The model needs to be in an isometric perspective - specifically, a diametric perspective, with the camera rotation [X60,Y0,Z45]
  • Here is a link to a set of reference images - LINK

Animation specification:

  • The model needs 5 sets of animations in 8-directions of orientation - or 5 unique and 3 flipped
  • Idle animation - horse in mild unrest but staying its ground
  • Movement animation - we are looking for trotting, not gallop
  • Attack animation - the rider leaning and swinging the sword
  • Pain animation - for when the unit is hit by an opponents attack
  • Death animation - both horse and rider falls to the ground dramatically
  • The best reference for these animations would be the cavalry unit from Age of Empires 2

Technical specifications:

  • We are developing our game in the PixiJS engine as of now, so we are relying on sprite animation
  • The 3D model therefore needs to be processed into a set of individual animation frames
  • Frame size is restricted to a width of 52 pixels
  • We prefer if the original model would be compatible with a blender modelling pipeline

To apply - If you are interested in working with Emissary.live on this set of objectives, send us:

  1. work relevant to this objective
  2. Your total rate for finishing the task, as described in the specification
You can send your application to our coordinator at [email protected]
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