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[Hobby / Rev-Share] Concept Artists / 3D Character Artist For Alternative Wild West Game

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Bring Power and Fortune to your dynasty in this multiplayer life and trade simulation game. Tame nature, manage your business, and outplay your competitors.

In “Power and Fortune - Pioneers of Kalica” you run a business in a newly established settlement far away from the home empire. You start at the train station, where you receive your supporting materials and expand your influence, unlock new areas, obtain resources, trade with the homeland and your competitors.
You are tasked to set up your own dynasty and expand the influence of your faction, build a representative mansion, and raise your heir to be.
Of course, your workers need to be taken care of and be treated well. And with numbers growing and the skills of your workers improving, this will be another challenge for your Dynasty on the way to Power and Fortune.

The world has an alternative Western setting with ancient Roman and industrial influences. 

We draw inspiration from these games:

For gameplay: The Guild 2, Banished, The Sims, The Anno Series, The Settlers, SimCity, RimWorld

For visuals: Northgard, Battlerite, Shardbound

Work Examples (includes the Game Design Ten-Pager): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/113PfJ8tJQEvr-8bsFRNnipNwUmlZyehY?usp=sharing


Gravinator Games are a diverse international hobby team of game developers from Canada to Japan. We have people working with Unreal Engine on a daily basis, people who worked on released games (Witch It, Albion Online, Beatbuddy), people who worked on their own games, and others studying in various departments of game development. 

Our members range from industry professionals over beginners to engaged hobbyists with backgrounds in:

  • Financial Services
  • Unreal Engine and Traditional Software Engineering
  • Creative Writing
  • Product Design
  • Game Design
  • Hardsurface Modeling
  • Concept Design
  • Voice Acting
  • Sound Design
  • Music

We work together over our Discord where we have several recurring collab evenings per week, regularly with screen share and voice communication (e.g. pair programming).

On this Discord, we discuss ideas, share and comment on each other’s work, meet up for game jams or just chat & play our favorite games together.

There are lots of learning possibilities, creative exchange, and just fun with a friendly, fellow-minded group of developers from various different countries and backgrounds waiting for you.


We are looking for several motivated hands to work with us on this ambitious project.

Your skills need to be at least on a student/junior level. Of course, everybody wielding more experience is welcome, too. You can practice what you are good at and/or learn more about the things you want to be good at.

We are especially looking for:

  • Concept Artists (Character/Building/Environment/Props)
  • 3D Character Artist

You may apply for any role, even those not listed here. We’ll review your application and contact you to discuss your place in the team.


Interest in learning new skills & working in a team

  • Ability to communicate ideas in English
  • Availability for at least one collab evening per week
  • Basic skills/knowledge for the specific role

Contact us directly here or join our Discord: www.discord.gg/N3WYeYf

We are looking forward to your application!

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