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[WIP] Sledgehammer

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Sergey_Filin polycounter lvl 2
Hello Guys!
Working on the sledgehammer project at the moment. 
Modelled in Houdini, textured in Substance Painter, rendered in Marmoset.
It supposed to be a game asset, a melee weapon exactly.
I would appreciate you feedback! Especially constructive criticism which could help me to enhance the model!


  • universe
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    universe polycounter lvl 8
    Looks nice, but I think that the hitting edge is looking too uniform and I think that it should not have 45 degree bevel there because that makes no sense for me. Additionally I think that it's good to sculpt hero assets such as this hammer, because you can spice it up a lot. There's no way you can model wood like on the image bellow.

    Here's another image with cool damaged metal:
    Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania sledgehammer
    Sculpting damage like that in ZBrush is very quick process and can lead to great results. In my opinion modelling is great for assets that are not exposed to the camera for too long because they usually get boring very quickly.

    Textures look very nice and combined with some damage sculpted over high-poly mesh would make a great asset!

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