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Dayl polycounter lvl 7
Hey guys! I just switched from Photoshop to Clip Studio Paint, because I'm broke and they have a free demo, haha, but no worries! I managed to do a sketch for this yesterday, but had a really hard time adjusting to the new work environment. Then today I looked up a tutorial and made a few custom brushes and voila! It'll still take a bit of getting used to, but I think I could probably even configure most of the shortcuts I'm used to with Photoshop. So I'm feeling pretty good about the switch.

Anyone else use Clip Studio Paint? How would you say it measures up against Photoshop, if you have experience with both?

And what do you guys think of my take on Medusa so far? Always loved the character, but somehow I've never drawn her until now, and I'm having a blast with it! I still feel like she's missing something though. I might go for a wider shot eventually and add her torso or maybe even full body. Hopefully that will give me more options to play around with and I can give her a few unique features to make her my own, instead of being so generic. Think I might also give her some earrings, though, either way!

Feedback welcome!


  • 1337gamer15
    Good use of lighting so far, but it currently does feel a wee "template-y" You could probably add some eyes onto the snakes, just simple black dots even. I mean how can we tell those aren't just dreadlocks right now?

    For Medusa herself you may want to remove her irises and give her eyes sense of being uncomfortable to look at, would really put her into character.

    Alternatively from the already dark lighting, you could also probably completely shroud her eyes in darkness.

    Medusa - The Clash of Titans  Clash of the titans Movie monsters Fantasy  movies

    Gotta go for something like this.
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