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Substance Painter Problem: Mesh turns Gray after baking

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adrawingkidd polycounter lvl 2
I have a problem that I've been trying to solve for a long time now and I can't find any other solution over Google/Youtube, So I thought I try to get an answer here, hopefully.

Every time I go through the usual Baking setup/Steps in Substance (i.e: Import Low Res, Texture Set Resolution, Import High Res, Check Bake Setting, etc.) parts of the mesh turns Gray, but I can still paint on it.

-It's not the lighting because I checked it
-I've played with the Max/Rear Distance Rays and it does nothing
-I DO have 'By Mesh Name' set in the settings
-And the UV's are in the 0 -1 space (The reason some of them are on the outside is because they're the same. It's a trick to help save UV Space and texture similar objects and I've done it successfully numerous times before)
-I don't know if the Trouble Log has anything to do with it...I've never seen these errors before and Google/Youtube isn't helping me find answers
-All the Transforms, History, and Pivots have been felt with in Maya before exporting both Low/High Res
-They DO have the same Shader set
-Some UV's are flipped because of the mess that comes with using the Torus Primitive and trying to use option doesn't help either...but those aren't bugging me too much because they disappear when I throw on a random Material...

Any help would be grateful because this has been bugging me for weeks now...


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