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2D Artist Portfolio Critique

Hey guys. I hope you're doing well with everything!
I am a pre-industry artist and have no experience in game art. But I've given 1 month and a half of my time to build my 2D portfolio while referring to Becca Hallstedt blog about 'Creating a Great 2D Art Portfolio for Games' and have had some tips from some of you guys applied to it. I'm hoping you could point out some mistakes in my latest portfolio that would help me get into the game industry.

Thank you very much in advance for your tike. I really appreciate it. Have a great day and stay healthy!


  • 1337gamer15
    Doesn't look half bad, you're on the right track. You've got some pretty Lovecraftian looking monsters there. I do think that the colors in some of the environmental shots are a wee contrasty, so you can fix that by adding some color tinting layers. You could probably add some harder shadows to give a better impression of light direction. By that I mean like harder as in less feathered, dropping from the buildings. The brush you've been using a is a bit too feathered. Maybe make the color of the water in the viking village scene darker so any reflected light stands out a bit more.

    When it comes to characters, I generally add a main shadow and shine layer on top after shading everything else.
  • JeRayhatt
    Hi! Thank you very much for your inputs. I'll make sure to fix the issue. It's really good to know I'm on the right track and actually had the contents right after a month and a half of anxiety. 
    I genuinely wish you have a good day and a successful career. Thanks again. 
  • BetVer
    Hey! Your monster concepts look interesting. I think the thought process on the environment design lacks aerial perspective and spatial plans. Try to translate that to black and white and see the tonal layout. And I don't understand the center of the composition
  • JeRayhatt
    Hi! Thank you for your reply. That's a really helpful tips, it was my first environment design :) you're right. I'll make sure to do that
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