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Usefull aditions to marmoset ( Wishlist )

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Joao Sapiro polycounter
hey marmosettans !

Sadly i dont have Facialbook so i cant comment on the groups with feedback, so i have some requests that will help out alot on certain bakes : 

- A simple AO generator for the lowpoly. all the models i do need self occulsion from the lowpoly, i usually use max where i drag the lowpoly and add a skylight and bake the aomap, the problem is that it requires me to offset uvs, and i cant have any shape detail on the ao bake so i cant bake it from the HP. xNormal had this way back and i think Ndo or some of those tools. 

- Since we are at that, would be awesome to be able to bake the radiosity\emissive from raytracing of emissive lights to a texture, say, i apply the emissive map and raytracing does its magic , as in,  i plug the normal map onto the lowpoly and the light affects that surface and i can bake a black and white mask of the bounced light.

- The ability to bake complete maps reinstated if possible to marmoset.

Lemme know if you need me to clarify more :)


  • EarthQuake
    Hey @Joao Sapiro

    We don't have specific plans for these yet but both are on our todo list to investigate for future updates.

    We had to do a big restructure for the baker to get it working with the new ray-tracing engine, and lost the ability to do lighting bakes in the process. But it may be possible to revive these in the future.
  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J veteran polycounter
    I got a few wishlist items to add as well - all quality of life stuff: 

    - Option to overwrite or create new name when importing materials of same name
    - When a material is selected by double clicking mesh in viewport, jump to the material in the materials panel
    - Press F to jump to selected item in the scene hierarchy and material hierarchy
    - allow surface/vertex snapping with the gizmo (more easily setup modular items or lights)
    - material folders should act like a namespace - should override naming conflicts (i.e. if i have two materials named "eye", they won't have a conflict if in separate folders)
    - search bar for scene hierarchy and material hierarchy
    - ability to "possess" or "look through" lights for easier placement.
    - motion blur added to post effects
    - copy/paste material properties (i.e. right click the reflectivity tab of a material to copy those values, then can paste into another material)
    - fly cam with speed dial a la Unreal (while alt + WASD moving, allow scroll wheel to adjust camera speed on the fly)
    - bulk edit similar items. i.e. select multiple point lights and edit common values at once. Same for materials.
    - locking item should disable selection in the viewport
    - marquee selection in viewport
    - middle mouse remebers last selected gizmo axis ( a la maya). hold and drag to move along that axis.

    These are all things that make setting up larger scenes more pleasurable.

  • Sreliata
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    Sreliata polycounter lvl 7
    There are a few things I'd like to add to this wishlist:

    - Easy 'fly /walk' like in Blender. Meaning: being able to go around the scene without having to be 'in a camera'.
    - Joining of SSS meshes without having to place all on one UV layout aka: being able to have multiple skin materials without causing these 'green' lines in the body.
    - Better optimization for bigger scenes
    - Better use of 'bloom' and lighting, other than Spot and Omni. Area lights would be great.

    Not too many, but the probably most important points in my opinion.
    I'm using Marmoset mostly to create official wiki renders (for Final Fantasy) right now and since I work with it daily, those things just stick out and it's so much extra work, having to push head and body UV into one texture etc.
  • DavidCruz
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    DavidCruz interpolator

    Bottom right, if you are like where..

    Mocked up what i would think the ultimate marmoset version would be.  This was what i always wanted, unlimited ^ adding of these and everything that is associated with them i think should solve a lot of "scripting/andorshader/issues" <to achieve a look once they obtain said look or desire or design then they can learn how to do it correctly having learned what was needed for their shader to work.
    ^Which since substance is allowed to add, i guess then substance comes into play here so you are not limiting or removing anyone from the "pipeline/work agreement".

    Hope it helps, i made a thread like this once glad one of them caught on at least.. my .02
  • FrankPolygon
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    FrankPolygon insane polycounter
    Feature request for Marmoset Viewer: A way to have the embedded viewer file start in a particular layer view mode with the option to lock out the other modes for interactive educational / technical breakdowns. In this mode (using the topology layer as an example) it would also be nice to be able to toggle subdivision or have a slider allowing the user to go from 0 to 2 levels of subdivision.

    Along with being able to toggle into a dark, high gloss material with a soft highlight roll off for inspecting surface quality. Some kind of place-able notation pins would also be helpful where the user could click on them to expand a small window that displays short notes or can be used to highlight a certain area in the scene or model.

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