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[WarLab Studio] Open positions for 3D Artists / 3D Animators / Texture Artists.

Hello everyone, yesterday our team launched an experimental recruiting discord server and the results are great!
The goal was to shorten interviews and provide all recruits access to instant information about our team and our current project while providing a fast job application system. All that in one place, while being really easy to navigate!

WarLab Studio, a place where you can fight for your game developer dreams.

Being a game developer is a tough job and the majority of us experienced amateur teams, unfinished projects, revenue share scams, and of course toxic people. We look at game development from the artistic perspective, for us, creating a game means creating a whole new world, our world, and filling it with 'life'. An interesting thing about us is that we have a wide variety of ages in our team, we have students and we have mature people but most important thing is that they're all experienced, they were also working in other teams, done some freelancing, etc.

We all fight and work hard together for the same dream, to make a serious career from this hobby while pushing Unity Engine to its limit.

We look for experienced people that have enough time to commit themselves to our game development family.

Currently, we have a full core team that we started 8 months ago but we decided to expand it just a little more.

For the past 3-4 months, we are working on a 3D Fantasy Story-Based Action Fighting game (vampires in medieval setting) called 'Kingdom Fall'.

If you are interested, check out our experimental discord server, it will take a small amount of time but WarLab may be the place that you were looking for.


You can also check out our website:
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