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Custom Chainsaw

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DmitrySychev polycounter lvl 4
Looking for feedback for my personal project.
Custom tuned Chainsaw.
19 917 Triangles in total.
Single 4096x4096 texture set + 512x512 tileable chain.
Design is a mixture of various chainsaw models + kart engine + modifications.
Highpoly (hardsurface) is created in 3ds max using chamfer modifiers+ crease sets techniques.
Garments are simulated in Marvelous Designer with manual polishing in zBrush.
Lowpoly - 3ds max, UVs - RisomUV + 3ds max.
Baking - Toolbag.
Textured in Substance Painter + Substance Designer.
Tileable chain is fully created in Substance Designer without any highpoly.
Tree Stump belongs to Quixel Megascans.
Rendered in Toolbag.


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