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Run Cycle - Any Feedback would be Appericated!

polycounter lvl 4
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Beth polycounter lvl 4
Recent Run Cycle, I haven't added to the detail on the hair and whatnot yet, focusing on the overal base, it feels off. The run is a slower run, I decide to extend the amount of frames for the run. 


Any feed back back would be apperiacted! 


  • EVernier
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    EVernier polycounter lvl 8
    Left you some notes. Look at references for the alignment of the shoulders, hips and feet for each of your key poses. She's off balance. Hope it helps, keep it up!
  • Beth
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    Beth polycounter lvl 4
    Thank you, it is hugely appericated, it's super helpful!  I will get on with tweaking it, I didn't even consider the impact heels could have on the run, thank you!
  • Semperfoo
    Hey, Beth!
    Look at her belt in front view. I think she may be turning her hips to much for someone to keep it's balance during a run.

    Check this clip (2:11)

    If you pay attention to their belly buttons, you may notice how few they turn their hips. As they have to stretch one leg with each stride and use the opposite arm to counterbalance, they turn not their hips but their chest/shoulder :)
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