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Answered: Can Quixel Bridge Export to a directory OTHER than the Project Content folder in UE4?

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Hi folks,

I am trying to change the directory that Bridge exports to in UE4 but it keeps defaulting to the projects Content directory.
In content it creates:
- Megascans

We'd like to put the megascans assets further down into our Environment directory, thus keeping all the junk out of the way for Code and Design.

Weirdly, at one point my Bridge WAS exporting to a random file path that I must have set up months ago when initially setting up the project, but now we have all disciplines in the project, directories have been moved tidied, so the one it was exporting to was no longer desired.
I eventually got it to go back to the path listed above, but now I can't change it to anything else. Bridge seems pretty clunky with things like this.

Any ideas? perhaps someone has a different work around? Just don't use the bridge export tool?
It's quite a pain and if we can't find a solution to this we are going to have folks getting cranky that the megascans content is in their eyeline.

I hope someone can help.



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