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Relatively New Game In Pre-Prod - UE4 - Looking For Everyone!

Hello all!  Recently a few buds and I have decided to collaborate to make a cool game together.  Our drafts include ideas of a 3D detective game, but nothing's set in stone yet.  You could be a part of that.  We want you to be a part of that.  We want to build a team where everyone's opinion matters, in the end, to paint the final picture.  Whatever we make, we make together.  Heck, we learn together and see it through together.  No matter your expertise level (beginners welcome!) and no matter your area of contribution.  Be it 3D modeling or sound effects.  You are in charge of your art, our aim is to put it together. Let's make something special y'all:)  

Side note; Even if you think you're late, hit me up!  Like, even a year or three from now.  Take a chance:) 
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