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Head sculpt critique

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Hello Polycount just found out about this awesome forum!

I've been trying to learn how to sculpt the human head and this is my latest atempt. I find it hard to go on from here and take the model to the next level of realism.

If you are more experienced than I am, please let me know what i should practice more on!




  • vavavoom
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    vavavoom polycounter lvl 11
    Hi, Eric~

    Looks a good effort and on the right track.

    The thing I would recommend is lowering the resolution. You've got some high detailing going on which looks good, however, it's hard to fix any issues at such a high resolution.

    His jaw/chin looks extremely big compared to the rest of the head.

    *Also: post some flat front/side pics, it's really helpful so people can see any issues/problem areas.

    **And: Try painting the eyeballs, I found it really helped get a better feel of the sculpt.

    Here's a couple of good examples of a good anatomy sculpt process:

    I'm no expert, I'm still learning a lot myself, but like to help if I can :)

  • fikapaus
    Thank you! Really valueble information :)

    Yeah, i feel like once you go high res you struggle to fix propotional errors. Found out also that a problem might be that i look at to many different reference pictures...

    Thanks for the feedback, means a lot!
  • kanga
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    kanga ngon master
    If you are just starting out then it is important to be able to control the resolution of the mesh (both up and down). Looks a little bumpy. You can use Daz 3D (free) as a start reference.

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