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Animating Ball & Chain physics for mesh?

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Oblivion2500 polycounter lvl 6
I have this mesh I created in Blender. It's a metal cage with a chain attached to it. The chains are individual meshes duplicated and the cage mesh is a single mesh. Basically the same thing as a ball and chain. 

How can I quickly and easily animate this to just swing a tiny bit or have it be on the ground and have it lift up kind of rusty and janky? Like an old medieval dungeon where the treasure is in the cage and it lifts up kind of rusty? I don't want to spend too much time on this as this object is not the focal point of the project I'm working on which is a remake of a map from Unreal Tournament 1999.
I have tried finding youtube videos of this but a lot of them have been unhelpful and/or outdated. 
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