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Project Anansi is recruiting intermediate/hobbyist developers (Artists & Programmers)

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Project Anansi

Project Anansi is a coop first person shooter about realistic, strategic and cautious heisting. The players are confronted with constant pressure from security mechanics and they are required to extensively plan their approach. If the crew fails to keep it silent they are confronted with the law enforcement or rival gangsters causing waves of heavy as well as difficult gunfights. Mistakes are punished hard in both playpathes.
  • Realistic game world & game mechanics
  • Extensive preplanning
  • Steep difficulty curve
  • Complex enemy AI (Stealth & Loud)
  • Player customizations
Here is a "short" slideshow with a more visual representation of my thoughts.

I’m currently finalizing the major parts of the game design document but obviously there is room for changes and feedback! The project is currently a free time / hobbyist state until the prototype with a demo level to play and all core mechanics is finished. If the prototype shows potential: A Kickstarter campaign or search for investors is totally possible on my end.

I have set up a base infrastructure ready to go with a perforce server, a vpn network, jenkins automated build server as well as a file share server. The engine of choice is Unreal Engine.

Team Structure:
Kilian (kggx)
Project Management, Technical Art, Game Design - 2 months

Previous Work:
Kilian - I have a B.Sc. in Game Art & Animation, worked with Unreal Engine for the past 5 years and contributed in the past as a technical artist on a hobbistic project but decided to leave in october for new challenges. To keep the bills paid I work in the data & analytics area for a german marketing agency and supervise data specific topics for various large customers such as a global fast food chain and one of the big three ISPs in germany.

Talent Required:
In general you should bring the following:
  • Experience working with perforce source control or comparable
  • Being a reliable and dedicated person
  • Work with and communicate critique / ideas in english (written and spoken)
  • Open minded and have fun working on games!
  • Strong interest in realistic graphics.
  • Preferably living close to the CET time zone. However, this is not required
1x Character Artist
  • Ability to create realistic looking characters
  • Ability to meet target polycounts and texture resolutions
  • Ability to keep the artistic style & mood consistent
  • Preferably with rigging and animation experience
  • Preferably with basic knowledge of Unreal Engine
2 x Engineers / Programmer (Might be a longshot here)
  • General experience working with unreal and/or games
  • General ability to do gameplay programming
  • Preferably with multiplayer experience or/and AI experience

If I successfully catched your attention: Feel free to hit me up on discord or via email.
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