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ResampleSpline for 3ds Max

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Klunk polycounter
I was asked if i could share my resample spline modifier, so thought i should share it with anyone intersested...

it's compiled for max 2020 so should also work with 2021

enjoy hope you find it useful. also it's worth noting it's  "2D" only and there appears to be a button UI issue that only manifests it's self in this 2020 (it's a visual thing only but still annoying  :angry: .

p.s. mods if there's a more suitable place for this please move it :D

fixed the button issue (seems the new qt ui doesn't like out of order dialog IDs in its buttons which wasn't an issue in previous versions) and set it to use a more sensible z on the in and out tangents (though it's still a 2d solution it can now be used on non 2d splines without destroying them)


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