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[CLOSED] 2D artist / illustrator for upcoming RTS-like game

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EDIT: This is no longer active. Thanks for all the replies!

A small indie game studio is looking for a talented 2D artist(s).
Our game is 3D and we already work with several great 3D artists. But now we need to focus on our user interface, illustrations and art-work for in-game and public / marketing reach. We need a wide variety of 2D graphics so we organized it into the following categories.

1. UI elements (mainly Icons), logos, banners for campaigns and promos
Part of this work is about replacing our temporary UI icons with final ones. Should be done as vector graphics. The banners / logos creations could be done in collaboration with the illustrator (mentioned below). We would really appreciate an individual with creative ideas who is willing to explore and prototype different possibilities on their own.

2. Illustrations for the game
Our game is a management and construction simulator. So the art will be very engineeringly / mechanical oriented. It’s set in the current era, so nothing futuristic. Your art-work will be used in the game but also on the web, in promo campaigns and social media.
A nice plus would be if you are also able to create an illustrated cinematics video. However it is not a requirement for this job.

We are happy to hire a single artist per each of the category or just one for both of these. If we like your work on this project, it is an opportunity for relatively long term collaboration as games are always an iterative process. All of the work needs to be exclusively your creations that you can grant rights for (e.g. we want to avoid graphics from Shutterstock and other services).

We pay you immediately after receiving and reviewing each of your work, no delays. Please note, we are small self funded indie studio so we don’t have big budgets however we always aim to pay fair rates to talented people.

Some examples of art-work that demonstrate what we are aiming for can be found here.

If you feel excited about this opportunity and want to learn more please contact us at jobs@mafigames.com and include:
  • Which category of the work you are interested in
  • A link to your portfolio (we expect to find similar type of work in your portfolio)
  • A paragraph explaining why you think you are the right person for this job.
We look forward to working with you!

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