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Blender to UE4 units?

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I have Blender 2.92 and UE4.26. I also have the official 'Send to Unreal' addon for Blender. Just one thing bothers me about Blender to UE4. The units in blender to UE4. I'm trying to create a modular environment kit. 

Know I think that the 'Send to Unreal' is fixing the scaling when exporting to UE4 but this doesn't fix the issue where if you need to create an environment kit and it needs to snap and connect evenly in UE4 (say a wall mesh for example). 
I'm using Blender default unit settings and viewport grid settings. Is there a way to match it to UE4 without causing issues with the 'Send to Unreal' addon? It won't confuse the addon and scale it improperly?

Unreal Engine 4 Grids Snapping:

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