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Need some advice on self-education!

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Duninn polycounter lvl 7
I have been trying to decide how to proceed on learning game-design for a bit, and I figured it would be best to get some advice as I have no real experience in this. I have made a few levels using UE4, but I have no experience in coding. That said, Unity is supposedly(?) easier to pick up and learn to code in? So here is my real issue: Where should I start and with what tutorials would you recommend? 

I want to design games, as stated, and do take well to the idea of designing worlds. I write down a lot of world and story ideas and like to brainstorm on them. But as stated, no experience with coding or sketching for that matter. So should I learn to code? If so, should I go with C#? Should I try visual scripting and if so, any ideas of where to learn? I seek to primarily make 3D games, but not AAA quality graphics or anything, so does that rule out UE4?
I know I seem a bit all over, and that is sadly part of my brain that tries to question every damn thing I do. Any help and comments appreciated!


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    poopipe grand marshal polycounter
    Both are capable of making everything between simple 2d games and graphically splendorous 3d wonders.

    You have to do a lot less to get a functioning and semi polished product out of unreal than unity but you sacrifice some flexibility in terms of what you can do (unless you're digging round in c++).
     You have to learn their system and work within it to a greater extent than with unity.

    Either way blueprinting and writing code are just as difficult as each other once you get over the initial hump of learning the basics of the  language and engine. The challenge is in structuring your logic, not in writing the words down. You can learn to write code by using blueprints perfectly well.

    TLDR.  It doesn't make any difference but it's easier to make shiny stuff in unreal
    Try them both, pick the one that angers you the least 😁
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