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why me models its so ugly ?

Hello people.

I have a problem that for me is already unsolvable. Now I am doing a 3d course because I want to stop working on my shitty job and start from scratch, and enjoy my life a little bit.

Everything was going very well I worked I studied in my free time and everything made little progress until I started to stumble upon that I do not understand HOW to model ordered because when I start everything goes well, I look for reference I do the draft and when I start to collect some pieces I don't know how (and you will say, then, putting them together does not have much mystery, everything is made up of rectangular cubes, spheres of different sizes)

yes but, I can put them together but I already get a little crooked on one side, fix, I continue and again it happens to me but already in another place I try to fix it and it is already in a loop until I do not leave something or I just don't know how to fix it.

My biggest problem, something curved doesn't come out nice and organized, I get shit and I don't like it at all, and I don't even know what tutorial to look at to fix that. I want to learn well even if it costs me more time, but I don't want to do things like meeeh I think it looks good that way and it doesn't seem too ugly so I leave it like that

Could you give me some advice or a course in which I could learn the basics better than in this one. It is also worth for me that someone entrust me with some work and that you answer my questions that I would do for free. what I want is to work in the industry and do it well.

her some photo

PS: sorry for englsh , for now i speak well russian and spanish . And tnx if u tell me something


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