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battle axe critique required

Hey all. looking for some tips/feedback on a model of an axe I've been working on, concept is by josh Harris.

and here is my attempt, just a quick render from marmoset. 

I tried keeping true to the original concept, but struggled a bit with the green area, and came up with something like that.


  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis grand marshal polycounter
    Good job! I have a few parts I'd point out:

    I think the tension on the band near the bottom could be increased. Right now it goes a little concave which isn't what a ribbon would do.
    The chain link at the bottom could be thickened up.
    The two bottom right teeth could have less of a pointy end. Right now they look reallllllly sharp.

    I feel like in the concept, the green is fire, and that's holding everything together. Would have been mind blowing to see some fx down that alley. If you cranked up the glow on that green part, it might look a bit better.

    Overall though, great job, I like it!
  • MaxAmmo
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    @Ashervisalis , Thanks yeh i see what you mean about the wrap it does feel more lile
    shrink wrap at the moment :D 

    yeh was thinking about something animated/fx for the green part. Wanted to maybe try something simple...if this even is simple

    To give the model a bit of life
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