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3D Stylized Environment/Prop Specialist looking for work - Remote (preferably) or Relocation

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My name is Ahmad, from New Delhi, India. I'm an 3D Stylized Environments/Prop specialist, while I also do UI/UX due to my previous experience in Web Development. I have 4 years of experience in the industry, and right now I'm looking for new opportunities to Freelance, Part-time as well as Full-time offers.

I prefer Remote positions, but I'm open to considering relocation for worthy cases.

Here is my portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/someab

- Hand-painted & Stlyized 3D props, shaders & textures
- Environment Assets Modelling in game-ready .. perfect normals and clean topology.
- Unreal Custom Landscape & Materials - Blender to UE4 complete workflow for Assets (Materials, Collision, Nodesetup, Level Design)
- UI/UX design + implementation in UE4/UE5
- Realtime Lighting, Sky System, Fog System in UE4/UE5
- Organic Modelling & Sculpting
- Environment VFX's in Niagara (UE4/UE5)

You can contact me here, or on Discord: SomeAB #4529


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