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[Unity][2D] In need of of help in the level design or/and story for my 2d story mobile game

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TheGrumfyy polycounter lvl 6
Im Grumfy, and im solo developing at the moment a 2d platformer story mobile game.

The theme of the game is about a kid named Phil who doesn't like breakfast who get stuck in this nightmare where he needs to fight off the enemies, complete puzzles and finish missions to progress further to his final goal, which is get out of his nightmare.

At the current state i have most of the technical things down, issue is im struggling with the level design part of the project, and it would also  be helpful if someone who could also help on the story part of the game.

If interested contact me on : TheGrumfy@hotmail.com
or Discord : Grumfy#1325

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