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[WIP] stylised female samurai character

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hey hey everyone ! :D

my name is bradley and i am an inspiring 3d artist interested in 3d characters for games

this is my second atempt at creating a 3d character as a student at university 

the goal when creating this character was to create a stylised female samurai, with my next iteration i hope to exaggerate the characters features to hopefully express the stylistic nature of the project a little better.
any thoughts are more than welcome!, thanks ^_^


  • JohannesAg
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    JohannesAg greentooth
    those are some crazy long legs she´s got there. Might wanna rethink those proportions.
    Her hands are bent in a bit of a strange curve as well.
  • Bobby_the_Goblin

    Hey man! This is looking good so far, however there's a few faults that could easily be cleaned up.

    First and foremost, a tip I think could help you a lot is bringing the resolution down slightly in the model - especially in the body. Of course once the base is established in lower-poly you can subdivide from there and work on smaller details. However at the moment, it's easy to see you're working at pretty high-resolution as the skin surface is not very smooth - something especially important for stylized models. If you didn't already know, a good method for this is:

    -Duplicate the body

    -On one subtool, ZRemesh to a fairly low polygon count, say between 1000-3000 depending on preference

    -Make only the two body subtools visible

    -With the lower-poly body selected, go to project (tab underneath subtools) and project mesh

    -Subdivide lower-poly, project again, then repeat this step until the lower-poly model's highest subdivision poly count is similar to the high-poly subtool polygon count

    Once you do this, you'll have a model which has a scale of subdivisions in which you can work on the lowest of which to create a smoother surface, closer to a stylised look. Of course if your model already has this range of subdivisions, these instructions were irrelevant and you can just use the lowest subdivision for that subtool.

    I would also pay a lot more attention to the anatomy of the model too. The legs and arms are a bit out. Of course with stylized models these features may be exaggerated, but if the base anatomy isn't very accurate, it will show in the finished model. My advice with stylized models is to build up from large, simple geometry and dynamesh together and smooth. Some good tutorials to watch on youtube are by follygon and dannymac on youtube, they often do great videos on stylized models.

    The head/face is quite good though! Would just advise to make a mouthbag before finalising the topology to save yourself stress later.

    Hope this helped and I look forward to seeing more! I just finished computer games art at Uni myself so I love seeing other students work :)

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